Protection of mental health dropped in ISO 45001?

Question to BSI:
=== ISO 45001 vs. OHSAS 18001 ===
In contrary to OHSAS 18001, in ISO 45001 there is no definition for “ill health” which puts “mental” and “physical” adverse conditions on a same level. Can employers in countries, where protecting mental health is not reqiuired by laws, claim, that ISO 45001 does not cover mental health issues anymore, as did OHSAS 18001?
May be (hopefully) I am wrong. TÜV SÜD says that there is an even stronger emphasis on mental health.
See also: “The need to prevent ill-health (including mental ill-health), as well as injuries” in
2016-03: It’s in the latest draft. I hope that it also can be found in the fonal ISO 45001.