DIS ISO 45001: Look into it until 2016-04-01

Compared to the previous CDs, there are improvements in the DIS ISO 45001.
Thanks to the British BSI, you can look into the draft again and leave comments too:
Good news:

  • Clause 3.18 now not only defines “injury”, but also “ill health”. And adverse mental (and even adverse cognitive) condition is back again. Probably I was not the only one who complained to BSI about the missing definition of “ill health”.
  • In clause 3.4 (participation) workers are involved in the in decision-making process(es) regarding the the OH&S management system.

Not so good:

  • In OHSAS 18001:2007 “incident”, “ill health (regardless of severity)” helped to avoid discussions whether an incident needs to be registered depending on the severity of ill health. I know of employers, who tried to avoid to communicate “ill health (regardless of severity)” in their information about OHSAS 18001 to their employees. Regrettably, in clause 3.35 “incident” in DIS ISO 45001, “ill health (regardless of severity)” is missing. I also don’t find it elsewhere in the draft.

CD = Committee Draft
DIS = Draft International Standard


Update 2016-02: http://blog.psybel.de/iso-450012016-or-iso-450012017/