ISO 45001: The jury is still out
(Posted by Paul Leavoy on Fri, Dec 05, 2014 @ 10:19 AM in

Q. How do you think the release of ISO 45001 will impact EHS?
A. ISO 45001 could go either way. If it becomes a go-to standard, it will take some time for it to gain traction. Of course it has the ISO name and brand behind it, but existing default standards like OHSAS 18001 have already become fairly entrenched, and a health and safety standard has been a glaring omission in ISO’s catalog for some time.
All signs say the new standard will be risk-based, like the newest version of ISO 9001, which could be a positive sign, given the increasing traction of risk management in EHS. But the jury is still out on whether ISO 45001 will establish relevance.