United States Technical Advisory Group (TAG):“No with Comments” to CD2 of ISO 45001

The latest draft (CD2 or CD 45001.2 etz) of ISO 45001 has been approved (with comment) in June 2015. United States Technical Advisory Group (TAG) probably is happy. In their view the planned standard doesn’t offer sufficient flexibility.
http://envcompsys.com/blog/iso-45001-update-june-2015/, ECSI (EH&S Management Consulting Training and Auditing), 2015-06-06:

We recently participated as voting members in a meeting of the United States Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for the new ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) standard. The meeting was held at Google Headquarters in San Francisco. Extensive discussion took place within the TAG regarding the United States TAG position on the proposed ISO 45001 Draft Standard (CD#2). The consensus was strong that the United States TAG believes the standard is still not ready to move to the next stage of the standards development process (DIS). To this end, a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved during the course of the meeting and at a follow-up conference call.
The motion and its result were communicated in a letter to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) on June 3. The motion was as follows

The United States votes “No with Comments” on the draft standard with the position that the proposed standard is not yet ready to move to the DIS stage of the standards development process.

The impact of this negative vote is uncertain because the US has only a single vote on the International ISO 45001 committee (PC283) and there could be enough votes by other nations to move the standard to DIS rather than to another Committee Draft. The US is voting that the standard go through another cycle as a Committee Draft (CD3) to allow more time to iron out some sensitive and controversial issues. […]