Platinum CSR Award

I don’t count on “Gold” ratings and “Silver” ratings given to organizations assessed by EcoVadis for their CSR. But companies that provide their EcoVadis Premium Report at least to their employee representatives, deserve a Platinum CSR Award.

2016-08-28: There is a new blog:

The employees of these platinum winners then can compare the reported CSR performance of their employer with the real CSR performance experienced by the employees. Seemingly, only very few companies ranked by EcoVadis can afford such an openess.

Companies that prove their credibility by openly publishing their report in the internet(!) of course have a top-notch attitude towards CSR – even if they have no “Gold” award. A company with a “Silver” award and disclosed Premium Reports is much more credible that a “Gold” awarded company that hides the Premium Report.

In the listing below, weblinks are specified for those companies who publish their EcoVadis premium report in the internet.

The winners (the listing is not complete):

Above I listed good practice examples only.

Bad examples you can find yourself: If a company has been awarded by EcoVadis with “Gold” and if such a company has received an EcoVadis Premium Report, there should be no reason to hide a that report from the employees. Actually, according to EcoVadis, “trade unions” are legitimate stakeholders. Therefore at least these employee representatives should receive the Premium Report.

The companies mentioned above are credible. They don’t hide their EcoVadis Premium report. But some companies seem to be afraid that providing their own employees with the Premium Report would reveal to the employees what their employer reported to EcoVadis. If a company assessed by EcoVadis hides the Report from the employees, there may be something wrong with what that company had reported to EcoVadis. Then a “Gold” award has no value.