ISO 45001 would not be used for OHS system certification?

[…] One of the promises for ISO 45001 was that it would not be used for OHS system certification. No one in their right mind believes for a second that BSI will surrender all that OHSAS 18001 assessment lucre, so ISO 45001 will definitely be used for certification purposes. Should be interesting to watch ILO’s reaction as ISO and BSI once again spit in their soup. Expect their outrage to be violently displayed in a … tersely worded internal email.

Surely, ISO 45001 draws controversy.
I was missing the spice in this standardization business. Here it is:

Fan Mail
The advocacy work by Oxebridge puts us in the crosshairs of charlatans, scammers, certification bodies, accreditation bodies, standards developers and even ISO itself. But it’s not all bad, and the work — along with our often nutty and hilarious spin on things — garners tremendous support and praise from the people who matter: standards users, clients and supporters of fair play. […]

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